Thursday, 3 May 2018

Paige - I like To Move It!

Have you ever been to a Immersion assembly when it is your first day back at school other Term 2, Term 3, or Term 4?
Well I am going to tell you one about a Immersion assembly that my school had for the first day of term 2. Also we found out what each team did for this term. This immersion assembly was on  Monday 30th April 2018.

The theme for this term is called I Like To Move It! Also all of the teams are doing a different thing including the experiences compared to theme I Like To Move It! Topic. So overall all of the teams in the school is doing some different things compared to physics and the theme topic which is I lIke To Move It!

I would or I would hope that we would have learnt about making our own creative things using things that we could find in our environment. Also if it was this type of thing it would be called Creative Work And Things.

The team 4 topic is all about making your own creation and how to fly this either using, engines, or making, and using your imagination. The team 4 movie was very cool also it was about the competition that each person who entered had to make a type of flying creation, creating things that they can use with their  imagination.

I think that the theme for this term is awesome because it is going to help us learn about physics. Also I feel very happy and excited about this term because we get to learn about physics and I have never tried that before so it is a good experience for me.

WALT: recount an event in a descriptive and engaging way

Monday, 9 April 2018

My New Duffy Book For 2018 - My School Project - TOM GATES

This is my 1st new Duffy Book for 2018 Term 1. My book is called My School Project Tom Gates. This book is all about working hard at school project, and Tom has found out all kinds of interesting fact that he was expecting to get some. Stuff like.
Mum and Dad getting together because of cake ( full story inside ).
Cat sleep for 70% of their lives. ( Furry Fact )
And peppermint ice-cream is just WRONG
( TRUE ).
Well that's mostly everything about this Tom Gates Story.
Bye bye

Paige - Recycling Poster - Plastic Bottle Recycleing.

Walt: Locate and share in my own words information from a variety of texts.
Task Description: This is a Recycling Process about Respecting recycling that are happining around the world. 

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Solve division problems in parts Stage 6

Walt: KNOWLEDGE: Now my times tables.
Strategy:Solve division problems, by braking the numbers into parts.
Task description: This is a presentation about solving division with timetables.

Protecting Our Waterways.

Task description: This is a poster about protecting our waterways and not littering in out lakes.